Meet the Noses!

You’ve seen them on TV. Now find out more about the UK’s most popular celebrity Nose family!

Clare Nose (Mum)

Likes: Reality TV (she’s naturally nosey), a good read, and a long bubbly Olbas Bath

Dislikes: Untidiness, Mondays, people wearing too much perfume

Favourite Olbas products: Olbas Oil* and Olbas for Children* because they’re so versatile for all the family

She says:

“It’s funny being famous and on TV - I’m just mum when I’m at home! That’s how I like it really. I don’t know much about being a celebrity, but I do know a bit about Olbas.

What’s nice is when my friends come over and we all agree on how Olbas products have helped us and our families with congestion and stuffiness – I’ve got 2 children so I know a lot about the problems that arise!”

*Always read the label. Olbas for Children from 3 months+.

Hugh Nose (Dad)

Likes: Gardening, watching his local football team - Sniffield United - play

Dislikes: Reality TV, losing his glasses

Favourite Olbas product: Olbas Max Strength.*

*Always read the label.

Evan Nose (Son)

Likes: Skateboarding, his friend’s tribute band, ‘Hooter and the Blowfish’

Dislikes: Mornings, tripping over his sister’s toys

Favourite Olbas product: Olbas Inhaler*

*Always read the label.

Rosy Nose (Toddler)

Likes: Squeaky (her favourite doll) and her trike

Dislikes: Having her hair washed, being teased by her brother

Favourite Olbas product: Olbas for Children* helps her get a peaceful night’s sleep

*Always read the label. Olbas for Children from 3 months+.

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