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    Relief for heavy cold & flu symptoms...

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Olbas - a family of products, for all the family!*

Little noses. Big noses. Working noses and stay-at-home noses. There’s a handy Olbas product for every kind of nose.

  • Olbas Max Strength All-in-One Cold & Flu Capsules

    Relief for heavy cold and flu symptoms

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  • Olbas Oil

    Our original and versatile powerful decongestant

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  • Olbas for Children

    Gentle decongestant formulation especially for little noses from 3 months +

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  • Olbas Inhaler

    Always handy for blocked noses on the go

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  • Olbas Pastilles

    The power of Olbas for blocked noses, and throats too

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  • *Olbas for Children from 3 months.
    Always read the label.

  • Olbas Bath

    A relaxing way to clear your head

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