Olbas Max Strength
All-in-One Cold & Flu Capsules

When you’ve got a heavy cold or a nasty bout of the flu, sometimes you need a bit of heavyweight assistance to help keep you going and get you through the day. That’s when you can turn to Olbas Max Strength All-in-One Cold & Flu Capsules.

The All-in-One formula contains three ingredients; paracetamol, phenylephrine and guaifenesin, that give you relief from the symptoms of colds and flu and the pain and congestion of sinusitis, including aches and pains, headache, blocked nose and sore throat, chills and high temperature. The capsules also loosen stubborn phlegm and provide relief from chesty coughs.

Suitable for adults, the elderly and children 12 years and over.

Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.

Always read the label.

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