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Colds, Flu & Hayfever

The cold facts

Have you ever heard anyone say; ‘If you go out like that, you’ll catch a cold’? Well, it’s just not true.

Actually, it’s all the time we spend indoors in winter that does the damage. Cold viruses like central heating just as much as we do. The virus is often spread by sneezing or by direct contact, such as shaking hands. Younger people are more likely to suffer with colds, probably because they spend so much time with other young people. The more contact we have with others, the more likely we are to come into contact with a cold virus.

Because colds are viruses, we can't fight back with antibiotics. Even so, we can still do a lot to alleviate symptoms like aches and congestion by using decongestant remedies to help to keep us going, despite having a cold.

The powerful, natural vapours of Olbas Oil* can help clear even the most stubborn of blocked noses and restore easy breathing when you’re suffering from a cold.

*Always read the label

Did you know?

  • There are over 200 different cold viruses

  • 6 out of 10 adults report a cold during any one year

More about colds from the NHS.



How Olbas can help

Olbas has a range of powerful decongestant products to help soothe and relieve stuffy, blocked and sniffly noses caused by colds, flu and hay fever.

The powerful, soothing natural oils in Olbas Bath can also help soothe and relax achy muscles.

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*Always read the label