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A support network is vital if we are to lead a healthy and happy life. Our research shows that we will ask for help, advice or guidance on over 6,000 occasions over the course of our lifetime, from a pool of 31 people, and so having a network to go to when we need a helping hand is essential.

But who are our helping hands?

In collaboration with clinical psychologist and mum, Dr Angharad Rudkin and GP and dad, Dr Roger Henderson*, our latest report explores who we go to for help and the psychological benefits of such a network. Friends, colleagues, partners, and dads all have their role, but it is mum who is at the very core of most support networks, particularly when we enter parenthood.

Whether we need insight from our friends to help with relationship worries, guidance from our dad to navigate our first property purchase or advice from our mum about how to deal with our little one’s first cold, a solid support network is crucial to our health and wellbeing, and that of our children. 

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*Both Dr Rudkin and Dr Henderson are independent experts and do not endorse specific medicinal products

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