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Olbas Breathe Easy Patches

Adhesive patches infused with a blend of oils to help your little ones breathe easy.

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Product Description

When your little ones get a blocked nose, they often don’t sleep so well when they need it most. That’s why having an effective solution to helping your little ones blocked noses is really useful. Olbas Breathe Easy patches are convenient, quick, and easy to use whilst at home or when travelling.

Olbas patches are infused with a blend of oils for easy breathing. Simply apply to clothing or bedding at least 30cm away from the face and preferably near the chest. The comforting aroma lasts for up to 8 hours, helping your little ones to sleep easy.

For children aged 3 years and over.




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Olbas Breathe Easy PatchesOlbas Breathe Easy Patches